Why would I lie to you?

Iím a one man show. But Iím not some kid in his parentís basement. Iím not your bratty nephew who thinks he can build websites because he's got a blog. Iím a guy with more than a decade of experience in website design and development, online marketing, and a bunch of other stuff. I also have a degree in public relations, so I can help you manage your reputation, and I write really well. That might surpise you, given my tone here... but weíre just chatting right now.

If you want to chat some more, give me a call at my office at 856-330-7150, or on my cell phone at 856-625-7415. We can discuss whatever projects you have in mind, and I promise not to talk down to you or refer to my nonexistant staff. I might mention some of the great artists and developers who help me do such a good job for my clients, but I wonít parade an army of them into your office for meetings to try to convince you to work with me (unless we really need them there).

If you like companies whose websites have navigation menus and "about us" pages, there are a lot of them out there. But Iíve worked with quite a few people over the years, and not one of their projects has suffered because I didnít spend enough time embellishing my own website. In fact, those projects all turned out quite well.

So feel free to get in touch... you've got my card.


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